Why Our Honey

The Better sweet

From farm to store, we control our own production at every stage to keep our standards high and our honey accessible. Our bees are thoughtfully managed, and our results are truly delicious.

Honey bees are Canada’s most important pollinators. As they gather nectar and pollen for their hives, they move pollen to different parts of the flower, supporting plant growth and food production. 90% of all plants work this way.

In the spring, our hives are moved to pollinate local fruit crops. In the summer, our bees live in bee yards across Ontario. By producing our honey responsibly, we contribute to local farm communities and Ontario’s abundance of fruit, vegetables, pulse crops and oilseeds.


Honey bees collect nectar to create honey and store it as food. It gives them energy for long flights and to heat their hive in colder months. When winter comes, the bees cluster together in their hive, eating their honey and keeping each other warm.

Agriculture is a balance of cost, convenience and care. For us, the bees always come first. Before the crop. Before the profit. Everything we do (or don’t) is simply the best choice for the health of the colony.